Hyper Japan

I hopped on the tube over the weekend on my way to Earls Court Exhibition Centre. I had been looking forward to this day for months now, and here it was…
I arrrive. The multi-coloured everything was definetly overwhelming. People just strolling by in totoro onesies and frillie tutus, it was definetly unique. I explored the convention with my much more knowledgeable friend. I may or may not have purchased some very cute yet pointless items, such as a edemame bean keyring and pikachu bubblegum!
Overall it was one of the most exiting experiences my life, definetly worth going to, and not to expensive.


Positivity is the key…

Positivity is the key...

I’ve gone all tumblr by posting this quote, because well I don’t think that you can change anything by just looking at a quote but its a good place to start. ( I do love the Lion King though.) Anyway, to the point, I think that being positive can really change a lot but everyone must be realistic about what they can do. Positiveness and being realistic is what can change everything.



4+5+6 DIY! Melon, Lime and Mint Juice

4+5+6 DIY! Melon, Lime and Mint Juice

Sorry about it being for three days but it is a big project and its Easter! Happy Easter to everyone!
This juice is great for the spring season as its super refreshing and delicious. I think its super easy and I could constantly drink it.

1. A melon ( about 8 quarters )
2. 2 limes
3. 4 stalks of mint
4. A bowl
5. A seive

1. Gather all your items
2. Cut up the water melon and half the limes
3. Squeeze all the limes into the bowl
4. Put the sieve over the bowl and press the water melon through it using your hands
5. Add the mint
6. Add ice ( optional )
7. Pour it into a glass and there you go!

Mmm the thought of it makes my mouthwater, thanks for reading.

xxx Gracie


3rd DIY! Fabric tape pencils

3rd DIY! Fabric tape pencils

This is probably one of the easiest DIY’s i have come across so far online, its so simple yet really fun to do. This DIY completely glams up your stationary, I really enjoyed making it, I hope you do to.

1.Pencils ( any type. )
2. Fabric tape ( I bought mine from tiger )

1. Have all your items ready
2. Have one pencil and wrap the tape around it slowly
3. Be careful to not leave gaps
4. There you go! Now you can add it to your pencil case or just make loads more

This DIY is one of my favorites as its super easy yet really fun and worth it. Thanks for reading, I hope you try out this great fun idea. Expect another one tomorrow! xxx Gracie